Beauty patches”—pieces of velvet or silk cut into the shape of stars, moons, hearts, and similar figures—were frequently applied to the face and body to cover smallpox scars, and similar marks. A “secret language” even developed through their use: A patch near the mouth meant you were flirtatious; one next to the right cheek signaled you were married; one on the left cheek announced you were engaged; one at the corner of the eye meant you were somebody’s mistress.

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Che la mia ferita sia mortale
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MARY FUCKING SHELLEY.  ’oh, i’m a nineteen year old female in a world where females are basically valued only as mothers, grieving over the loss of my child, disowned by my father, in dire financial straights, stuck in a country that’s not my own, ignored and cheated on by my husband, and belittled by my husband’s friends?  how am i going to deal with this?  WHY DON’T I COMPLETELY CHANGE THE RULES OF LITERATURE, MOTHERFUCKERS?  AND WHILE I’M AT IT, I’LL SIMULTANEOUSLY INVENT AN ENTIRE NEW GENRE, AND WRITE THE FIRST NON-RELIGIOUS CREATION MYTH.’

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yeah, I run marathons. movie marathons. 

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"Cappeal", Vogue Italia, February 1995Photographer : Ellen von UnwerthModel : Bridget Hall

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Coucou by Only Hearts


"Don’t worry, I know what I’m doing…"

"She was a very shy person, very sweet, very caring person; but I guess her role as Gilda sort of gave the world that image, that she was carefree, but she wasn’t."
-Yasmin Aga Khan
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Andy Wharol
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My friend ellepsychodriver got hired at Lucca film festival to collaborate as a translator!! And David Lynch will be present, NEVER BEEN SO PROUD AND JEALOUS <3 


*sees a dog* *gasps loudly*

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Opaque  by  andbamnan